Each day Nora Elementary students attend one of the Special area classes, so that by the end of the week they have spent time in each enrichment class. The classes include the following:


Art- Students have many creative opportunities that await them each week. Mrs. Mary Beth Shelby offers a comprehensive art unit each and every week; focusing on Art History, Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Art Production. As an International Baccalaureate World School, each project and artist are connected in a global way in order to effectively communicate the importance of International Mindedness. Students will take part in creating art with the use of paint, ink, graphite, collage, clay, and paper. Fourth and fifth grade students are welcome to participate in a year-round district art club, Artistically Talented.


Music – The Nora Elementary Music Program consists of an active and engaging class that all students at Nora participate in once a week.   This includes singing, playing instruments, drumming, movement and organized folk dancing.   Lessons are generally coordinated with the grade level IB unit of study.  Our annual Dance for the Arts happens in October where everyone can show their support for the arts!

Physical Education – The Goals of the Physical Education Program at Nora are:

To improve the student’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.
To teach good sportsmanship, responsibility, and to promote a positive attitude.
To teach various motor skills and sport skills which are age appropriate.
To make gym fun and safe by teaching a variety of sports, games, and fitness activities.

The aim is to get students moving and active in a way that promotes a lifestyle that includes physical activities and physical fitness through out their life. The physical education activities include soccer, track, volleyball like games, fitness exercises, basketball, jumping rope, handball, running games, and various hand-eye coordination activities. I believe that children learn best by practicing skills and that sportsmanship can be taught daily. We encourage students to participate in sports throughout the year.

World Language: Spanish

Nora Elementary School students are learning Spanish! Students in Grades K-5 attend Spanish Class once a week during their rotation for Special Classes as a part of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. This “Additional Language” opportunity is exposing the students to the language as well as immersing them in related cultural experiences. Staff also provide other opportunities for students to practice Spanish in small groups as well as in larger school community groups.


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