Each day Nora Elementary students attend one of our Special Areas classes to enjoy enriching experiences.  Our current Special Areas classes include:

Art- Mrs. Beth Shelby 

Music – Mrs. Michelle Brinkman

Physical Education – Mr. Marcus Dalton 

Technology – Ms. Sadie McGouldrick

Media – Mrs. Amber Lamkin 

The Nora school library exists as a place for students to read, find information, build knowledge, think deeply, and engage in rich discussion.  Our library plays a key role in preparing learners for life and supporting literacy and a culture of reading.  To support the needs of all learners, our curated collection was chosen to include a wide range of grade level and age appropriate, diverse and inclusive books that were tailored to student interests.  The library offers learning opportunities through collaboration with STEM activities and research projects.  Throughout the year co-teaching and collaboration between the librarian and classroom teachers takes place to improve literacy instructional strategies and learning outcomes.   My goal for the library is to empower my students to engage in the inquiry process,  become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.