Nora Dads are taking ACTION- join Nora Dad’s Club today!

Welcome to the New Nora Elementary Dads’ Club!

What is the The Mission?

The new Nora Dads’ Club is being founded due to the fact that there is a glaring need for increased father involvement in the in the lives of the Nora Elementary kids both inside and outside of the home. History has shown us that fathers have traditionally been an underutilized resource within the educational system. Every dad has a unique skill set, wealth of experience, and a variety of interests that can be utilized to help our children.

What are the goals?

  • To re-introduce Fathers to the importance of their involvement inside/outside of the home.
  • To encourage bonding/building a stronger bond between Fathers and their children.
  • To create a network/brotherhood of involved and active fathers at Nora Elementary School.
  • To become a stronger advocates for our children and their educational experiences.
  • To Have Fun at our Sponsored Events (Bonfire and Family Prom)
  • Networking and Fundraising.
  • To leave a long standing Legacy!

Who benefits from the Dads Club?

  • Father:          An opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their kids.
  • Mothers:          Additional support, pride and relief.

•     Children:             There is something about the support from a dad! Knowing that their fathers    

                                           truly value their education is critical to long term success.

•    School:                 Increased parental involvement from Fathers.

                                    Additional assistance in the classroom.

                                    Additional assistance with pre, during, and afterschool activities.


  • Community: We are Nora and We are Here to Stay! The Sky is the Limit.

Plans for the 2014-2015 Academic Year?

•     Maintain direct communication with Mrs. Walters and Senior Administration

  • Implementation of the scheduled events that are sponsored by the Dads’ Club.
  • Recruiting new dads.
  • Support the Nora Elementary PTO.
  • Support the school through contributions that enhance the quality of education.
  • Increased/Consistent attendance and volunteering from the Nora Dads.

We look forward to your participation. Like us on Facebook at

Varon Cantrell, President

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